Pair options are a new and exciting - but still relatively unknown - way to implement any investment thesis. These financial products "pair" up two assets and returns are then based solely on the relative performance of the two assets. Overall market direction and movements are entirely irrelevant and therefore pair options are strictly market neutral.
The premier place to trade these new and potentially very profitable is without any doubt Stockpair. The first and still the best when it comes to dedicated pair options trading. Standard "fixed" pair options trades generally offer returns from 66%-86% and the more exotic "floating" pair options offer returns anywhere from 10%-600%+
Yep, that's right. Anywhere from 10%-600%+. Better yet you always know prior to making any trade exactly what the potential payouts or losses might be for that trade. No guessing or complex analysis involved.
We are fairly new to pair options ourselves so we really can't offer much advice for the interested but we can point you to this great stockpair review, pair options explanation, and other binary options brokers reviews and resources at:
I've been having a blast trading pair options so far and I can definitely recommend you at least check it out to see if it might be for you!

09/26/2012 3:07am

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